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How to order

You can order the goods by various means:

1)      By internet, when the good is included to the goods’ basket (instruction are provided below) 

2)      By calling by telephone  +370 671 97817 and match the order with our staff 3) To write e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail address is protected against the Spam, so you need only to turn on Javacript in order to see this.

4)      By using the programme Skype 

Insertion of the goods to the basket

When you find and select the desirable good, you must click the button near it – “To the basket”.

  • If you need to buy more goods, you must click “Return to the catalogue of the good”, which is located in the field of the basket.
  • If it is the last good, which you need to buy, by clicking “buy” that located within the field of the basket you must switch to the purchase menu.

Menu “Buy”

Buying method 

Please, select how you shall buy the good: these, who are not registered, please, register or connect, if you have bought earlier. We must to remind you that you can see the mode of the good, actually review all orders and other characteristics on your account only when you are registered. We recommend buying the goods only when you are registered!

2. Information on the buyer 

Please, enter the data of the person, who shall pay for the goods. 

3. Information on payee 

Please, enter the data of the person, who shall receive the goods. If this person is the buyer, who you have entered earlier, use the button “Deliver the goods to this address”.

4. Delivery means

Select delivery means 

  1. Payment means

Select payment means. If you choose to pay by assignment, to additional square, please, enter the name of the bank, to which account you have intention to pay. Bank accounts for making assignments you shall find in the “Settlement means”.

  1. Confirmation of the order

Review your information of the order once more. If information is true, please, click the button “Order”. 

After the order

Outright after the order you shall receive e-mail, where your purchase information shall be indicated. Our salesman shall contact you, who shall match remaining information. 

If you shall take the good and pay for it at our shop, our salesman shall contact you after confirmation of the order.