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Return of goods


The warranty terms that are defined by manufacturer are applied to all goods. For the good that has failed before the expiry of the warranty term the repair is performed free of charge.

The warranty term is shown in the warranty coupon. If the warranty term has expired, the good is not accepted for the warranty repair.

If the good fails, for accomplishment of the warranty repair you must inquire by telephone or you may take a trip to address that is indicated in the warranty coupon.

When submitting the good for the warranty repair, it is necessary to possess the warranty coupon. 

The repair is performed in conformity to service documents of the manufacturer.


The return of the goods is followed in accordance with prescription of the Economy Minister of the Republic of Lithuania of 29th of June, 2001, № 217 “On endorsement of the rules for return and replacing of the goods” and on a time basis of “The rules of selling the good and providing services, when the agreements are contracted out by using communications means” that are approved by prescription № 258 of the Economy Minister of the Republic of Lithuania. 

The returnable product must be fully completed. You are responsible for full completeness and packing up of the product. If the product is not fully completed and packed up properly, we or our representative shall not accept the returnable product. The product shall be returned within the same package, with which it was delivered. The package shall not be damaged; it must be prepared and packed up properly.

When unsatisfactory good is returned, we undertake liability to accept the unsatisfactory good and to replace it with analogous one. If the analogous good is absent, we shall redeem your paid money.